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ViraEase Lip Ointment 1/2oz.


This modification of an ancient Chinese herbal formula (first written about in 1742) was developed for HSV1 (herpes simplex I – Cold Sores) outbreaks on lips, around the mouth, and nasal passages. Say goodbye to painful herpes, cold sores with this ancient Chinese herbal Lip Ointment formula. Packed with powerful, moisturizing ingredients, this ointment promises to relieve pain, itching and blistering and keep your lips, skin and nasal passages safely protected at all times. You will never leave home without it! .05 oz. 



Huang Bai, Huang Lian, Huang Qin, Zhi Zi, Chaparral Leaf, Bo He, Tao Ren, Jin Yin Hua, Pu Gong Ying, Ai Ye, Chai Hu, Chen Pi, Rosehips, Clean & Purified L-Lysine, whole leaf White Sage, Lemongrass, Lavender, Organic Shea Butter,  Fractionated Coconut Oil, Beeswax

Safe for children, adults, and animals.

Cautions & Indications

Uses: For temporary relief of pain, swelling, blisters on lips or nasal cavity.

  • ANCIENT MEDICAL TRADITION AT YOUR DISPOSAL: The VIRAEASE herbal lip ointment is a modified version of an Ancient formula developed in the 1700s. Physician formulated, we offer you THE BEST herbal cold sore preventative and healing ointment.
  • TOP QUALITY MANUFACTURING AND DEVELOPMENT: This herbal treatment for cold sores and fever blisters is exclusively handmade in the USA using natural methods and ingredients, under the strict supervision by the expert herbalist of The Alchemist Collection. The best, brought to you, by the best.
  • A REAL MIRACLE WORKER: Our powerful formula can PREVENT a cold sore breakout from occurring if using the ointment daily or applying as soon as you feel a tingling sensation. Should you leave home without the ointment and an outbreak does occur, this efficient cold sore remedy will immediately begin treating the cracking, swelling and ruptures, reducing the overall outbreak episode duration.
  • NO NEED FOR OTHER LIP BALMS: Soothing and healing, once you get accustomed to the soft feeling and protection, you will no longer need other lip care products. Preventatively blocking contagious blistering from occurring allows you to never have to stop kissing your children or stop being intimate with your partner again.
  • NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT: Once you let the Viraease cold sore and fever blister herbal ointment spoil you, getting rid once and for all of these painful cracks, sores and blisters, consider it a permanent resident in your bag, side table, medicine cabinet, handbag, pocket or carry on.
How to Use

Directions: Apply over entire lip area at the first sign of tingle, or over active viral outbreak. Swab inside of nasal cavity.


Long Dan Xie Gan Wan (modified) is a Chinese medicine famous for its popular use in purging the Liver Fire, cleansing the Liver, and managing herpes outbreaks. It’s oral use is also for herpes outbreaks as well as complications due to hepatitis. Incredible anti-viral formula.


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